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Don’t let ‘Superdome Syndrome’ shanghai IP Convergence

MDUs require forward-thinking structured cabling and conduit plan


By Tom McAllister, RITP

Director of Technical Services, comCables


As the recent Super Bowl “lights out” fiasco demonstrated all too graphically, it’s often hidden malfunctions that shut you down—sometimes with catastrophic consequences.


The same issue applies in multi-family dwelling unit (MDU) planning for such mission-critical applications as Voice/VoIP, data/Internet connectivity, closed circuit television (CCTV), security and fire alarm systems, building automation systems, heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC), light and access controls, and even... [more]

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Why Quality Patch Cords Matter

Why Quality Patch Cords Matter

Click above to view a checklist of how to recognize a quality patch cords and how to avoid counterfeit ones.

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The Patch Cord Conundrum: Corrosion Versus Conformity

Check out comCables article in Cabling Installation & Maintenance's January 2012 issue.

For a patch cord to perform well, every component and the entire assembly process must meet exacting specifications.

- By Andy Work and Tom McAllister

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